Sound and word

 Sound is a word to be heard and a noise to be heard is a wonderful thing because its presence is proof of being alive. Otherwise even stones are silent. Then the soil which provides sustenance to all is considered lifeless. It sustains the life of animals by giving them food. Considering the soil, the behavior and attitude towards us is very good. She loves her mother even more. She also gives food and hides it in her lap after death. But because of the lack of words and sound it is called lifeless ie dead. You may be thinking that moving is a sign of life..but I would say that even the wind moves but it is lifeless. Take itBut lifeless. Plants breathe and take food, but they are treated like dead bodies. Animals are considered to be fully alive because of their speech. They understand and express the same attitude of love and anger, but never join us in our gatherings, celebrations, occasions of sorrow and joy. Do you know why Because they have soul and voice and behavior but no words.

 (Must think) 

Written by

 Asghar Ali


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